Here are some reviews from a few of our clients. Please note that they have been arranged in categories for your ease of viewing… starting with Coaching, then Consulting and Facilitation, and finally Specialized Training. Should you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


For anyone running their own businesses, it is extremely difficult to spend time on your own development.  We are so busy running our businesses that we neglect ourselves.  Coaching has given me the opportunity to sit back, take stock of my own development and work on my business.  This has provided a framework for improved personal and business performance.
Deon van Greunen – Business Owner


Coaching has enabled me to develop the mind-set and strategies required to look at business from different perspectives and as a result, my career growth has been accelerated.  I am able to delegate with better results.  Day-to-day activities are more rewarding as they form part of an overall goal.
Senior Manager


I started seeing Michelle in 2013 when I realised that I had some personal issues to work through. Michelle taught me various "coping" techniques to use when interacting with difficult people in my life. With these techniques, I now have a better relationship with my mother, a relationship that had been very strained for over 20 years. She also gave me the courage to start my own business! Michelle has a very objective approach which helped me to see, and work through, various scenarios from a different point of view. I would highly recommend Michelle as a Life Coach. She changed my life for the better!
Dalene Baxter – Design Base – Business Owner


Working with Equanimity has allowed me to make the transition from being an employee to having a successful business of my own.  All of my concerns were addressed and I was able to put practical strategies in place to make this transition.  
New Entrepreneur


When starting a new venture, I was very cautious and conservative about getting started.  Coaching has given me the vision and confidence to appropriately position my offering and fees.  This resulted in me exceeding my first year’s target in the first 3 months of operation.  The investment was definitely worth it.
SR – Investment Specialist

Consulting – Skills Transfer:

During the interventions with Equanimity, the managers benefited greatly from the work sessions that exposed them to different management and leadership styles within the team.  This has increased their flexibility and enabled them to deal more effectively with their challenges.
WB – Managing Director (Insurance Risk Industry)

Consulting – Skills Transfer:

We have been working with Equanimity since 2006.  Their process of eliciting skills from experts and managing the transfer process is exceptional.  The process has accelerated the transfer of skills within the organization, and we now have a rich skill pool which protects organizational effectiveness and ensures business continuity.  
(Client name available on request)

Facilitation – Team Integration:

As an organization, we needed to get two independent departments in our organization to resolve areas of conflict and improve working relationships.  The outcome of the intervention was successful and sustainable due to:

  • Proper planning and pre-workshop research
  • The specialized and customized programme
  • Expert facilitation shills by the facilitators and post workshop follow-up sessions.


Facilitation – Conflict Resolution (Team Building):

I can confirm that the conflict resolution intervention and guidance that you have provided to my managers has benefited us greatly.  After the session, the manager were in a better position to get to grips with the different underlying management styles and approaches and could deal with potential conflict between themselves.  They also managed to deal with conflict situations with clients more readily.
WB – Managing Director (Insurance Risk Industry)

Facilitation – Conflict Resolution:

The approach to some of the sensitive issues confronting our staff has at all times been professional and focussed on long-term resolution of problems.  The conflict management workshop provided the participants with a new experience in being able to deal with their specific concerns and has encouraged them to fact the future with renewed vigour and purpose.
(Client name available on request)

Facilitation – Conflict Resolution (Team Building):

Equanimity was very good in defining/resolving the following for the team:

  • Defusing the reasons for the conflict in the team.
  • Working as a team.
  • Roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Dealing with personalities within the team.

To conclude, if I ever experience issues around team dynamics in the future I would not hesitate to contact Equanimity to assist.

GG – Project Manager, IT Development Department, Financial Services Industry

Training – Career Enrichment – Basic Leadership Skills:

  • We have seen a tremendous improvement in our management team after exposing them to this training.  
  • This course has given me great insight into the need to be flexible in my management style in order to lead my team effectively.  The practical applications that I could implement immediately were extremely useful.

Training – Career Enrichment – Dynamic Writing Skills:

  • I would recommend that this training be added to all supervisors and managers PDP’s
  • Anyone who writes reports should get this information.
  • This course is a real eye-opener.  It will help me with all my ‘writings’ – emails, memos and motivations.

Training – Career Enrichment – Basic Conflict Resolution:

  • This program will assist with day-to-day situations when working with colleagues and customers.
  • really need my supervisor to also attend this training.  I believe it will improve our working relationship.
  • Best intervention.

Training – Career Enrichment – Dealing with Difficult People:

  • Very good content and application.  This course should be extended to everyone in the organization.
  • This helps to identify what I am dealing with – and how to resolve issues.
  • I am able to lead my team much better by knowing how to use the right method at the right time.